Archaid’s Radhakrishnan Takes You on Journey through Time, Space

One sole mission of his new book is to encourage the readers to break out of that comfort zone.

The book being released by Commissioner of Police Bhaskar Rao, along with Mr. Vasudev Murthy, Technology Management Consultant, Leadership Trainer and Author, and Ramessh R K, an industrial designer

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Radhakrishnan V Nair embarked on a journey of exploring complex subjects and opening up the cocoon of existence that puts people in a zone of comfort. One sole mission of the book is to encourage the readers to break out of that comfort zone.

The architect by profession has a novel to his credit, ‘The Cave of Freedom’ that had earned him critical acclaim fromJnanpith Awardee U R Ananthamurthy. On February 13, a discussion and the reading of his book had the audience riveted to their seats.

The launch of the book on February 13 at Bangalore International Centre was presided over by Mr. Bhaskar Rao,Commissioner of PoliceBengaluru, along with Mr. Vasudev MurthyTechnology Management ConsultantLeadership Trainer and Author and Ramessh R K, an industrial designer and choir singer who read out passages from the book.

Radhakrishnan is trying to inspire you to discover the pleasure of breaking the glass barrier along with the protagonist Dr. Prateek. The story ‘burst out’, said, Radhakrishnan when it could not be contained any longer.

The Glass Ceiling saw a lot of interest from the audience present. The book includes Dr. Prateek who is obsessed with saving lives in the Emergency Room (ER) as the world slept. Then on an eerie rainy night, he is kidnapped. He struggles to come to terms with the improbability of waking up somewhere in Europe and making his serendipitous escape and being back at work the next morning – all physically impossible from the point of view of Time and Locality.

The Glass Ceiling challenges you to see tragedies and their impact on a person’s mental well-being from a different perspective. Radhakrishnan V Nair is an architect by profession and runs his Bangalore based firm. ARCHAID the tagline of which is ‘Architecture in Collaboration with Nature‘.