The Jump of Joy: São João festival of Goa

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São João is celebrated in Goa on 24th of June every year. It is the day when St. John the baptist (whose nick name is São João), when he was still inside his mother’s womb jumped with joy when Mary (who would later give birth to Jesus) came to visit his mother. Time flies by so fast. A few years back, same time, two of my best friends from IIT were in Goa. We had gone to a São João pool party in Dona Paula and our pictures came in the ToI supplement a few days afterward. Back then, I really did not know the significance of São João. Or how it was celebrated by the local Goans other than partying in a pool.

It so happened that an old acquaintance of mine on Facebook tagged me in a comment to a post. It was a post by someone looking for someone in Goa who could use his GoPro during the upcoming São João. I said, sure why not, I can do it. I am in Goa and I have a GoPro. And that’s what this video is about.

Then on 24th of June, I drove down to Siolim. It’s about 30 Kms from where I live, up north. I went there because I had found out that a lot of people gather around Siolim Church to see some sort of a boat exhibition. I reached by 3 pm. That’s when the boats were supposed to come out. And they came out shortly. A small stage had been erected on the bank of the Siolim river (might not be a river, but was a creek for sure – but let me just call it river for now). The river water was brown and I was sure I did not want to go inside the water. But I did shoot a lot from outside the water. Boats would come in one by one – some with mermaid mannequins sitting in them, others carrying huge toads. I flew my quad-copter all over the place and more than anyone else, those on the boats loved it. They would wave hands and scream Sao Joao every time the quadcopter would fly past them. Lara Dutta showed up for a short while on the stage. She has a house in Siolim, she told. I also ran into few acquaintances.

Sometimes, only when we go out to festivals like these, you realize that there is a real social network as well. Where people see you and say hi. And you say hi back! 🙂 The one hour ride to the venue and another hour back, plus the few hours I spent at Siolim was time well spent. Even if I sweat a lot. The editing took me almost two full days and I hope you like this short documentary that I have been able to bring out finally! Comments are most welcome.

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