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With an unbeatable talent for creating unconventional, avant-garde looks, Seema V. Jerajani is a celebrity hairstylist and makeup artists from India. Seema V. Jerajani has received innumerable awards that celebrate her talent and ability to push her unique talent forward including the industry’s prestigious ‘Hall of Fame Hair Artist of the Year’ Award at the Schwarzkopf Professional Estetica Hair Couture Awards. With an LCGI degree (Licentiateship) in Hairdressing from City Guilds and Teacher Training in Hairdressing from Vidal Sassoon in UK, she is an educator par excellence. Her creative expression of talent is through makeup as well as studying and working with the most talented hair and makeup artists worldwide.
Indian hairstylesvideo

Zainab: A traditional Indian bridal look

Zainab - Beautiful or God’s chosen one Magic! That is the only word I can think of when I look at Zainab resplendent in her...
Indian hairstylesvideo

Raaina: A traditional Indian bridal look

Raaina -  It means a beautiful princess. Every bride dreams of looking like a beautiful princess on her wedding day. And when I think of...

Art of Indian Coiffures: Nakashi, A Contemporary Indian Bridal hairstyle

Nakashi means - To sculpt The art of hair sculpting has been around for thousands of years, going...

Art of Indian Coiffures: Leherki, A contemporary Indian bridal look

Leherki She is sensational, bold and carefree. Leherki, with her beautiful wavy hair, likes to let her hair down as she prepares to embark on...

Art of Indian Coiffures: Shagna, A traditional Indian bridal hairstyle

Shagna, meaning Auspicious. A traditional bridal look for a Mehendi function for an Indian bride. Soft, loose romantic curls hairdo for a dreamy looking bride....

Art of Indian Coiffures: Mythili, A traditional Indian bridal hairstyle

Mythili, another name for Goddess Sita Flowers are an intrinsic part of Indian weddings believed to bring good luck and this bridal hairstyle just does...

Art of Indian Coiffures: Ehsaas, A contemporary Indian Bridal Hairstyle

When you look at Ehsaas, decked in her bridal finery she leaves you awestruck. Adding flair to her attire is this elegant and elaborate...

Art of Indian Coiffures

It all began a few years ago when I visited Chennakeshava temple, a 12th century Vishnu temple in Belur, Karnataka. I vividly remember the...
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