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Taluka Dapoli
The wave of modernity is destroying the villages and their significance. Although it is believed that development is taking place, but the people whose origin is this place, does not seem to be getting benefited from this development. Therefore, everyone should be connected to their origin while being part of this development and simultaneously enrich the traditional, cultural, and living with it, for centuries. Hence we started this project to preserve traditional, cultural and historical values in digital form.

Narali Purnima celebrations of Taluka Dapoli

Shravan Purnima (Narali Purnima in Marathi), is a significant festival for the Koli community of Maharashtra. ‘Narali’ is a   word derived from ‘Naral’ which...

Camp Dapoli: कॅम्प दापोलीचा इतिहास सांगणारा पहिला माहितीपट!

This documentary was created as part of the initiative. It gives an insight into the rich history and significance of Camp Dapoli which...
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Largest Indian flag created by blind children!

Their disabilities did not stop them from creating the largest Indian flag using fragrant flowers and leaves to celebrate our Independence day! The blind &...

Zainab: A traditional Indian bridal look

Zainab - Beautiful or God’s chosen one Magic! That is the only word I can think of when I look at Zainab resplendent in her...

The Mango Of Truth!

A tale from Mahabharata about the power of truth.