BBG-BTCT Hosted National Girl Child Day 2020

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Hyderabad, Telangana, India

National Girl Child Day started by the Ministry of Women and Child Development and the Government of India in 2008, with the purpose to spread awareness among people about all the inequalities girls face in the Indian society, is celebrated every year on 24th January. BBG Bangaru Talli Charitable Trust is hosting the day by organizing various programs including awareness campaigns on save the girl child, child sex ratios, and creating a healthy and safe environment for a girl child in its operational area of Kammadhanam, Farooqnagar Mandal, Rangareddy district. People have taken active participation in the activities done by BTCT more than what is expected. It is celebrated with the theme of ‘Empowering Girls for a Brighter Tomorrow‘.

The Trust believes that participating in such events focuses on the atrocities faced by women in society due to orthodox and patriarchal beliefs. It intends to create an environment of equality in society and a layout where no gender or race sits on a pedestal and enjoys privilege over others. This event is crucial for changing the flawed fabric of society and crafting an approach that creates opportunities for women.

The Trust assumes the Significance of National Girl Child Day is as to spread knowledge about the issues that a girl child is facing in India. Some major issues which still exist in our society are:

Education – Girls’ education in India needs a lot of attention, as per the current situation literacy rate of women is around 65% compared to male literacy rate which is 83%. BBG BTCT strongly believes “empowerment of one daughter means the empowerment of an entire family”. By educating a girl child, we can make it possible for her to grow up and become an empowered girl.

Girls Nutrition & Health – Problems like malnutrition, anaemia, and vitamin A deficiency is very severe in girls especially residing in rural areas. Common causes of malnutrition are due to lack of adequate healthy foods and childcare. BBG BTCT is trying to tackle this obstruction by providing awareness on Health, Hygiene & Nutrition at school level and Anganwadi centre level to the target groups.

Child Marriage – Most of child marriage involves underage girls who belong to poor socio-economic background.  BBG BTCT is looking seriously into the issue by focusing on the parents of higher and secondary higher schoolgirls. The Trust is trying to sensitize the parents towards the issue of child marriages through awareness sessions with parents. Obviously, it will promote girl child education among rural girls. As per the UNICEF report, every one out of three world child brides is living in India. The Trust is working hard to reduce the ratio to zero.

Legal Rights and Girl Protection – Crime against innocent girls such as rape, acid throwing, honour killings and forced prostitution have increased in the last ten years; also, many cases of trafficking young girls have been reported. There is a need for social reform in the country. For this noble cause, trust is communicating with more and more male adolescents at schools and colleges in its operational areas. It believes that sensitizing male adolescents towards the issue helps in reducing violence against women.

Campaigns like ‘BetiBachao, BetiPadhao’ which addresses issues like stop female foeticide, girls’ right to education is created a mass awareness about changing the mindset of people. BBG BTCT is planning many strategies like providing meritorious scholarships to the poor girls, construction of toilet for girls in rural areas, awareness on MHM – including the provision of sanitary napkins to increase the attendance of girls in schools.

In today’s era, girls are not only restricted to education but also in sports and other physical activities to they are marking their footprints. This is the first time in the history of Indian sports that the ministry of sports nominated nine women athletes for the Padma awards 2020. Also, the second time at the republic day parade this year all-women biker contingent of CRPF will participate to showcase daredevil stunts. Its 65-member team will show skills on 350cc Bullet motorcycles. BBG BTCT is aspiring to mould the girls into brave citizens of India.

Despite all of the measures taken across at different level, we need to change the thinking of people in Male-dominated Society where education of son is given more importance and girls are always the first choice for household works. But let’s not lose hope, with the coming years’ girl’s education in India will reach to new heights.

On account of the National Girl Child Day, BBG BTCT honoured single girl child parents for being committed to being blessed with a girl child. Also, the trust provided frocks to 100 girls on the dais. During the event, all the honourable guests and dignitaries stressed on the above-mentioned topics in their speeches. Women representatives of Local Self-Governance Body marked special attraction during the event. About 1000 girl child and 200 Anganwadi teachers have taken part in the event.