Camp Dapoli: कॅम्प दापोलीचा इतिहास सांगणारा पहिला माहितीपट!

The first documentary to tell the story of Camp Dapoli!

This documentary was created as part of the initiative. It gives an insight into the rich history and significance of Camp Dapoli which is now known as ‘Dapoli’.

Between 1818 and 1891, almost 200 years ago, Camp Dapoli was formed under “East India Company” regime. Camp Dapoli was the only safe location in the entire Konkan belt for the Britishers during that period. Camp Dapoli being a vital place, witnessed the social, cultural and political developments in Maharashtra and Konkan for the next 200 years.

This video was released in January 2018 during the event in Dapoli, celebrating 200 years of Camp Dapoli.

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