Thursday, July 18, 2019

HOOK: A 5 piece band with raw, organic sound!

HOOK is a 5 piece band with raw, organic sound; where what you hear on the record is what you get live. A band...

Corner Café Chronicles: A multi-genre band from Mumbai

Corner Café Chronicles is a multi-genre band from Mumbai, India. Set to release their upcoming single Gloria's Kitchen and EP 'Renaissance' the band amalgamates...

Last Ride Home: A five piece modern progressive band from Mumbai

Last Ride Home is a five piece modern progressive band from Bombay that found its inception when twins Deep and Dev RK met guitarist...

Gajar: मागोवा ढोल ताशा परंपरेचा

Ganesh Utsav has a historical significance in Indian Freedom struggle and Dhol Tasha has been an inseparable part of it. Every year, when Ganpati...
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Manjula – a story cut short

(Manjula (Hindi: मंजुला) is a Sanskrit feminine given the name, which means “lovely” and “beautiful.”)

The Mango Of Truth!

A tale from Mahabharata about the power of truth.

Meet Asvin Srivatsangam, founder of Yali Dream Creations

Yali Dream Creations. LLC, popularly known as YDC, is a homegrown desi comics company which is mesmerising comics lovers around the world!...