Thursday, October 1, 2020

Understanding depression – A step towards preventing suicides

This photo story is an attempt to show you, through pictures and words, what depression actually feels, on the inside!


~ The irony of life in Mumbai slums captured through a lens ~ The flower sellers at Dadar station sell beauty in the form of...
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Vitamin Stree!

Vitamin Stree is a young, video-first content platform that aims to reshape the narrative for young women in India. It is focussed on creating research-led,...

‘Permanent Roommates’ on Audible Suno

Audible Suno has launched a new season of the hit show ‘Permanent Roommates titled He Said, She Said’. The new season is...
Kallate Jarandayavideo


Jarandaya is a celebrated deity, worshipped throughout Tulunadu, extending from Mangalore to Barkur. He is revered as the defender of the borders of the kingdom and...