ART, ENGINEERING & ENTREPRENEURS – we may never recollect ever hearing these three words in a single sentence, especially in India. However, Shivam Chawla, Arjit Raj and Ashutosh Kumar – a team of three Mechanical Engineers from NIT Hamirpur, HP, are all set to make this possible with their very own entrepreneurship venture!

Left to right: Shivam Chawla, Arjit Raj, Ashutosh Kumar

This trio started off as batch mates and continued exploring their passion for Product Design. From college their college days itself they had been working on small projects and after gaining some professional experience, they decided to start-up on their own. On 21st November 2018, they have launched their very own Kickstarter initiative with DeskInfinity, a beautiful desk accessory inspired by Swiss Guilloche art to manage your cables and inspire you at the same time! 

Their artistic innovation got out curiosity kickstarted and here’s what they had to share when we got them talking:

What is Swiss Guilloche art/design?
Guilloché (or guilloche) is a decorative technique in which a very precise, intricate and repetitive pattern is mechanically engraved into an underlying material via engine turning, which uses a machine of the same name, also called a rose engine lathe. It represents a series of repetitive spirals and circular patterns, that ends up giving a beautiful effect when slowly provided a motion. These are made by a lathe type machine that goes by the same name as the pattern: Guilloche Patterns. The technique is called Engine Turning in which any metal can be finely machined to produce intricate repetitive patterns that offer reflective interest and fine detail.

Swiss watches with the intricate Guilloche Patterns

Being engineers how did you develop an interest in art and more specifically Swiss Guilloche art?
We are Mechanical Engineers and have been making small functional projects from our college time itself so we have developed an interest in Product Design. Product Design not only limits to the functional part of the product but also to the aesthetic part of the product. We generally call it as Gandhi Approach (functional part) and Tagore Approach (aesthetic part) to design. While learning the aesthetic part of the design through various sources (as this part is not taught in Engineering) we learned about Guilloche Patterns. These are the most intricate and beautiful patterns we find at many places but fail to notice. For example, currency notes in their background have Guilloche Patterns printed on them.

How was your team inspired to base your entrepreneurship venture around Swiss Guilloche art?
Guilloche Art is mainly famous for its use in dials of Premium Swiss watches and is being done mainly in Switzerland and the United States. We wished to bring this in hands of everyone. Realizing, we can’t make a high-end premium wristwatch with the resources available to us, why not make something simpler – yet functional. This was the point when the idea of a beautiful and inspiring “Desk Accessory” was born. We started working out many forms of Guilloché designs. DeskInfinity was designed with the aim of bringing Swiss Guilloche art in hands of people who can’t afford premium Swiss make watches. 

Here’s more about Deskinfinity:
DeskInfinity is a single one-piece design made up of solid Alpha-beta Brass. It has a beautiful Guilloche Pattern CNC machined on its top which reflects Infinity Symbol in every direction which inspires you always and fills you up with positive energy.

It also bears your shining name laser engraved on its surface and is Electroplated in Rose Gold, Gold and Silver colour of choice so as to give customized experience to everyone.

It caters to solve your problem of messy, falling cables by managing them so that they don’t fall down when unplugged or make your desk look messy. Built for working professionals, writers & coders, creators & makers and anyone who appreciates design and the inspiration that spreads from a beautifully crafted product. It is time to get rid of a boring desk and have something that makes you look forward to reaching your desk every day!

Very few products from India have done well on Kickstarter and now the DeskInfinity team needs your support to make it the FIRST successful product from India in the last 4 years! 

Here’s the link to their Kickstarter campaign: DeskInfinity