‘Dog Day’ celebrations with DJ Paroma & Sasha!

DJ Paroma shares some candid moments with her beloved pet ‘Sasha’ on the occasion of National Dog Day

They say that every dog has its day, most probably that day is the 26th of August every year!

26th August is celebrated as ‘National Dog Day‘, a tradition started by US-based author and animal behaviourist, Colleen Paige who wanted everyone to not only show appreciation for their pet dogs but also to bring attention to the plight of abused and abandoned dogs as well.

This day may have its origin in the west but that doesn’t stop us in India from using it as another excuse to pamper our cuddy best friends, does it

Hence we joined DJ Paroma’s Dog Day celebrations along with her 9-year old handsome dog Sasha. Needless to say, DJ Paroma considers Sasha as an important part of her family!  

She’s extremely involved in every activity which is undertaken with Sasha. From bathing him, feeding him, taking him for a walk to playing with him, and also chatting up with him. Her fondness for Sasha grows as each day passes.

He also bonds very well with her family members.

Sasha’s birthday just went by on the 2nd of August, and she gifted him with a pair of shoes along with a raincoat, accompanied by a bone shaped cake to make the celebration more memorable.

Sasha’s bonetastic birthday cake!

Seeing the relationship DJ Paroma and Sasha share, it brings back the faith in the bond that animals and human beings can share with each other.

Please visit the website: www.nationaldogday.com for more information on the occasion.