Everything You Need to Know About A Virtual Walk

Virtual Walk

Virtual walks & runs, as a concept, isn’t new and has been gaining popularity even pre-COVID-19. Since we live in times of a pandemic, group walks and large marathons are unsafe. In fact, popular runs and marathons around the world are going virtual. While they start on the internet, it essentially takes place where the person wants to complete the distance. A virtual walk is as real as a walk can get; it is only the community that you share the walk with, which is virtual.

How exactly does a virtual walk work?

With a virtual walk, all you need to do is undertake the walk on a pre-specified date by the organizers. What is more, you get to choose where you want to walk and the time that is convenient for you. Given the number of issues you may have faced with getting to the venue, going through the hassle of parking, when you last undertook a local walk or run, doesn’t it sound like a breeze? Complete the walk knowing that there is a whole virtual community that is walking with you!

It doesn’t matter where you live, whether you are a seasoned walker or are just about setting out on your fitness journey. You could run on a track, a trail, or even a treadmill at your own pace. In short, convenience got a whole new name in a virtual walk!

Share your Progress Online

While the main reason behind virtual walks is to inspire people to get fitter, sharing your progress on social media helps be part of the moment. All you need to be armed with is a reliable fitness tracker. If popular names like Fitbit & the Apple watch are beyond your purse strings, you can consider new-age fitness trackers like the PLAYFIT from World of PLAY to record your steps, distance, route and pace in real-time. Once done, share your experience on social media with the requisite hashtags and you could be a part of a great fitness event.

Preparing for A Walk!

Ever so often, the organizers also keep you updated with the fitness regime you need to follow in the weeks preceding the walk. Ensure that you follow the fitness regimen so you are all set to take the walk on the appointed day. Just in case you cannot take the walk on the specified date, that isn’t a reason to worry as well.  Walk, whenever it is convenient for you and still be a part of the event by sharing your experience online.

Should you have friends who want to sign up, you could also create a team and walk together (following the social distancing norms, of course!).

The many advantages of a virtual walk

Well, the short answer to what is the advantage of undertaking any walk, is that it can add years to your life (and life to your years). Research has it that brisk walking helps in maintaining a healthy weight, strengthens bones and muscles and helps keep disease at bay. Among other things, walking is known to prevent coronary heart disease as also lower blood sugar levels. Walk every day and you could improve sleep, uplift your mood and also fight anxiety and depression.

What is more, with a virtual walk, you could even be walking for a cause. The fact that you are helping in raising funds for a valuable initiative, can be just the motivation you need to put on your walking shoes!

Go ahead and sign up

With a virtual walk, you are taking care of your health, walking for a good cause and enjoying the camaraderie of a virtual community of fellow walkers. All of this from the comfort of your neighbourhood or even the treadmill in your gym or at home! With every step that you take, you are marching that much closer to your fitness goal!  Here’s to good health!