Gautam Hari Singhania’s mantra to Indian business leaders

Chances are that your decisions may go wrong if you mix up business and personal life!

Raymond Group Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Gautam Hari Singhania gave a crucial mantra to today’s business leaders to not entwine business and family life.

“Chances are that your decisions may go wrong if you mix up business and personal life, Mr. Singhania told a gathering in Aurangabad yesterday. In a free-wheeling chat with Mr. Karan Darda, Executive Director of Lokmat Group, the Raymond CMD spoke candidly about his private life, his successful journey as a business leader, differences with his father and car racing among a host of other issues.

The programme titled ‘Interaction Session with Singhania’ was held under the auspices of Lokmat Times and Lokmat Knowledge Forum at Lokmat Bhavan in the city. Mr. Singhania turned as unfortunate his differences with his father. Stating that the issue was quite simple and he was willing to sit across the table and resolve it amicably, the Raymond Chairman said the differences arose with his father as the latter wanted certain things, which were against the law. “I cannot do anything which is unethical and illegal”, he said referring to his father’s claim on the company property, and the decision which was turned down by the shareholders.

As a family person, it is my responsibility to secure my family and look forward to giving them a better lifestyle. While as a business leader, I have to protect the interest of my shareholders, he further stated. On the importance of having professional leaders in the company, Mr. Singhania said there has to be a clear distinction between the promoter and professionals. The professionals should be able to express their thoughts openly while talking with promoters, then only the company can do well. In my company, people can express themselves freely to me.

We are on a mission to re-imagine Raymond. I drink, eat, sleep—Raymond. God has given me an opportunity to be the right time at the right place and it is my mission to create a model company for others to see.

“Family and business should be treated separately!”

This is Gautam Hari Singhania’s mantra to business leaders.