Ho Tum – A song dedicated to all the women in our lives!

By Sulphur Snow, a Vadodara/Mumbai based English/Hindi rock band

Ho Tum” has been a very big song for Sulphur Snow, as far as their following is concerned. Initially, it was an instrumental composition with random jam improvisations and breakdowns.

Initially, the hook “Ho Tum” was the only lyrical line they had for this song and they performed it that way a couple of times. They have no clue about what is that one thing that stands out, but people could instantly connect to it from get go so they started working on it and refining it.

It took them a couple of months to refine it and write lyrics over it as they had never wanted to write a cliche song. And it was really hard to do that when they were entering this new romanticism territory. This song is dedicated to all the women in their lives who have made a difference to make us who they are. Be it mothers, sisters, aunties, friends, wives, girlfriends, anybody… 

Having said that it’s an abstract piece of art open to interpretation. Recently they discovered that apart from the natural and obvious romantic angle it has, the song is getting really popular in the LGBTQ community around us, some are taking it spiritually and relating it with Radha-Krishna… And while writing these were the last things on their mind.

So they are actually humbled by the response and it means a lot that our song is now a part of peoples lives !! They feel blessed to have people who have been and still supporting them.

So, enjoy the song…