In India, even today we are fighting for literacy rates, whereas the world is changing at a faster rate, and it demands more than just literacy to have or maintain a basic standard of living. We also see people struggle with financial and career decisions, these two are outcomes of a lack of information and awareness, and we can see it is common that people struggle to take appropriate decisions in many fields.

Rational information will give clarity and bring on insights, that will work in favour of individuals and communities. Information For All (IFA) is an initiative by “Moogain Advisors” which is a firm registered in Mumbai. It works on content marketing and content development, it is an initiative to empower people with appropriate insights, and share knowledge as much as possible. IFA was founded by Priyanka Dalvi. Priyanka is an engineer and has a team of 5 people she works with at IFA. IFA is essentially based in Mumbai, but it has partners promoting their work in Bangalore and Nagpur. 

The IFA team comes from a strong engineering and medical background. They also work with influential media personalities in their network. Human Resources used to be a problem considering their operations model, but they soon resolved this by working in collaboration with experts. This enabled them to create more impact with their work thanks to the collective group wisdom.

IFA has taken up the mission to empower the people working in NGO’s who are selflessly working to make life better for millions. The IFA team realised that the most constructive way to do this was to share their skills by reaching out to NGO’s and working with them. IFA has since then worked with NGOs like Navodhaya Educational Trust, Child Help Foundation, Plastic for Change as well as many other trusts and educational institutes across Mumbai and Bangalore. 

IFA strongly advocates information as a basic human right’. Hence, as part of its work with these NGO and organisations, IFA reaches out to people who have limited access or no access to information. With whom it shares free of cost creative and immersive learning experiences in the form of animated videos. These videos are based on various topics which reflect in simple walks of life. 

The whole idea is to empower people with information so that they themselves can make better decisions, be independent and excel in their path of life. The world around is changing faster than ever before. The skill gap is also getting bigger day by day, IFA is trying to bridge that out, and push these communities beyond the benchmark of literacy rates. It has already distributed 100+ videos, and are working on creating another 150-200 videos.

Here’s a video created by IFA explaining their work:


IFA is a content creation company which creates an immersive learning experience in the form of animated videos and distributes it to NGO's and Institutions for free.

Posted by Indian Graffiti on Monday, 19 November 2018