Jasmine aroma infusion into chocolate – The Kocoatrait Way !

This is a story of Jasmine aroma infused chocolates!

The 60% Malligai (Jasmine) chocolates are part of The Madras Collection project efforts. Two local varieties of Jasmine (Gundu malli and Nitya malli) are plucked before 9 AM and are delivered to Kocoatrait’s factory by 2 PM the same day. Then they are married to their roasted, cracked and winnowed single-origin cocoa nibs and they sleep undisturbed together from 5 PM in an open container. The jasmines start to blossom (literally open up) and dispense their aroma by 6 PM. This is when the magic begins.

Overnight, the cacao nibs soak the aromas and the jasmines have done their job hence get discarded the next day. Such is life! They would have included them in the chocolate as in the case of their Paneer Rose variant if jasmines were any less bitter!. They keep them in their pooja room in the office overnight and through the night, the cocoa nibs absorb the aroma of the jasmine. Nitya malli lends a sharp aroma and Gundu malli provides the body of the aroma. The nibs are then stone-ground in small batches with Non-Refined Khandasari sugar and in-house pressed cocoa butter for the next 36 hours!

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