Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is a 9 days long annual celebration held in Mumbai. It has gained popularity as one of the most defining aspects of the art culture in Mumbai. It has been making ways across not only India but the world as well since its origin in 1999. It is organised by the Kala Ghoda Association with a vision to physically upgrade the Kala Ghoda sub-precinct and making it the Art District of Mumbai. It’s a rich assortment of visual and sensory spectacles with experiences spanning across street stalls, literature, music, theatre, films, dance, workshops, visual arts and heritage walks.

2019 marked the completion of two decades for the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, this was celebrated through 20 readings at various venues along with the release of “People Place Project” volume on 20 years of Kala Ghoda by architect-artist Nisha Nair Gupta. As usual, we also witnessed a vibrant array of colourful yet thoughtful art installations along with various performances as well.