Meerut: A city worth exploring

Hastinapur, Meerut - Photo by Paras Jain

Meerut carries a significant historical importance and it’s also home to many of my childhood memories! Being the second largest region in NCR, it encompasses a great amount of amazing talent and industrial contribution in terms of food, art, sports, and music.

Historical value:
In the British era, an army cantonment was set up here, then it became the center point of the 1857 revolt against the East India Company. The slogan “Dilli Chalo” still stirs that patriotic feeling! Meerut hence got recognition across the world.

I still remember the good old days of my childhood, when we took pride in owning a cricket bat manufactured in Meerut. Now along with the world-famous cricket bats Meerut has also become a hub of manufacturing several other types of sports equipment. Meerut based SG is one of the largest manufacturer and exporter of sports goods, it had a huge contribution in making Meerut the sports capital of India.

Musical instruments:
Meerut has also played a huge role in the musical instruments industry since 1885. Nadir Ali, a famous musician in the British army set up a manufacturing unit with his cousin and since then there was no looking back. Today it is known as a leader in brass band instrument manufacturing.

Street food and Savories:
Any vacation in Meerut will be incomplete without its street food! The mouthwatering range of delicacies available here is almost limitless, from the famous Hariya ki lassi to Delhi ke chole bhature. It’s also a must to try out the chaat counters at Abulane or the famous savories called Revari and Gazak at Budhana gate.

Temples and fairs:
The famous fair of Nauchandi should not be missed, it’s organized in the month of April and May on a very large scale. It’s a gathering point for traditional manufacturers from every part of India. One should also visit the very sacred and famous Augharnath temple that carries a historical significance, in 1857 this was the starting point of the sepoy mutiny’s march to Delhi. It’s also, believed that the Shiva Linga in this temple is Swayambhu, it had emerged on its own.

Meerut is also a great shopping hub, known for traditional cotton and khadi clothing. Vidyarthi Khadi Bhandar, a shop located at Subhash bazaar has khadi fabric par excellence.

So mark this city as a must in your travel bucket list!

Image courtesy:

Paras Jain