Art is an emotion, yes, it is. And it is solely on you, how you express it. Some pick-up a paintbrush to colour a blank canvas, while others pen it down and there are few others, who just let it sink in.

The journey of Mehfooz Khan, a well-known actor, singer & songwriter, has been pretty similar. An artist by heart and a business tycoon by profession, little did he know that art will soon sink in his soul. And as it has rightly been said, that there is a sort of melancholy behind every artist, Mehfooz was no different.

It might sound a lot tragic, but the true beginning of his career as a singer began when he lost one of his close friends in an accident. His debut song “Wo pal” was brought out by him, in the fond memory of him. Though he had been an icon in the real estate business, the sense of loss for his dear friend, brought a sudden twist in the plot.

Mehfooz turned his sadness into strength, and he stepped into, not only the music industry but the acting industry as well. To begin with, it was not easy for him, as setting up one’s identity in the industry called for a lot of struggle, but he was a man, who never gave up.

He had to learn a language he never knew and even had to stand for long hours in queues, nothing seemed easy, but the truth is, that he withstood every bit of it. In Spite of facing a lot of hurdles, he made his way through. He never stopped listing to his heart, and this was one thing that kept him going.

There is nothing that he does not have, passion and the will to do something breeds in him. Apart from having an undying adoration for acting and singing, Mehfooz also shares his deep love for the glamorous life he lives. He possesses a rare longing for automobiles, and he has a huge collection of luxury & sports vehicles, all in his name.

Apart from this, throwing light upon singing as a career, Mehfooz states that, in the current day scenario, singing has become more about the use of machines, which in turn has led to diminishing natural vocal charm. In relation to this, he stresses on the fact that it is very significant for an aspiring singer to work towards bringing perfection in his voice. Further, he mentions that it is not just your voice that matters, but even the lyrics that really do.

As per him, singing should be a perfect amalgamation of natural tones, lyrics and the passion of a singer towards singing. “Ehsaas”, is what he says is necessary for a singer to build a deep connect with his audience.

Singing and acting go hand in hand in his life and he weighs the same. A self-made man, he takes pride in his journey of life. And his only message to the individuals who wish to do something big is, “listen to your heart and keep going. Face your troubles, and no matter what it takes, never give up. Be creative and be original”, is what Mehfooz has to say.