Miss India Quintessential 2020

G-Town Society Magazine Organised very Glamorous PRABODHAM Miss India Quintessential 2020 & Award of Excellence 2020 India

Top 10 finalists of Miss India Quintessential

New Delhi, Delhi, India

G-Town Society Magazine organised PRABODHAM Miss India Quintessential 2020 & Award of Excellence 2020 on 23rd February 2020 at Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium, New Delhi.

PRABODHAM, a well-renowned beauty products brand, held the title for this prestigious event.

The event was partnered with other esteemed brands like CVD Diamond (Delhi) as Diamond Partner and Celestial Jewellery as Silver Jewellery Partner, Lakme Academy (Kamla Nagar, New Delhi) as Hair & Makeup Partner, Detel India as Gifting Partners and Delhi College of Photography as Photography Partner.

Winner of Miss India Quintessential Wachi Pareek With Jury Members Dr. Razi Ahmed, Nishchin Patel, Ankur Jain, Anjali Verma and Gurudev Singh Saini

The official and exclusive designer for the grand event was Anjali Verma.

G-Town Society has been successfully providing young aspiring women with a platform through Miss India Quintessential to fearlessly follow their dreams and become what they have always wanted to be. Also keeping in mind the up-gradation and recognition women deserve in this society, G-Town Society is on their way to celebrate womanhood. With grooming and training provided to all contestants by professionals, all contestants were fuelled with confidence to showcase their best versions on the stage and in life.

G-Town Society has been to different states in last one year looking for their Miss Quintessential(s) and successfully had found 10 state winners to compete for the title of Miss India Quintessential. G-Town Society selected State winners from Punjab, Chandigarh, U.P, Maharashtra, Telangana,  Assam, Nagaland, Bihar, Delhi, and Jharkhand.

The 10 contestants from all over India were;
– Gurleen Kaur as Miss Punjab Quintessential
– Amanjeet Kaur as Miss Chandigarh Quintessential
– Shruti Tyagi as Miss Uttar Pradesh Quintessential
– Wachi Pareek as Miss Maharashtra Quintessential
– G.M. Namarata as Miss Telangana Quintessential
– Garima Sharma as Miss Assam Quintessential
– Laxmi Pillai as Miss Nagaland Quintessential
– Prerna Sinha as Miss Bihar Quintessential
– Neha Srivastava as Miss Delhi Quintessential
– Charu Shila as Miss Jharkhand Quintessential

The prestigious event was graced by famous personalities like Minissha Lamba (Bollywood star), Pham Li Thi Anh (Miss Tourism World Asia), Anjali Verma (Designer), Insha Ghai (Blogger), Dolly Singh (Blogger), along with Dr. Razi Ahmed (Author – The secret of the Palamu Fort), Mr. Nishchint Patel – Prabodham (Owner), Mr. Ankur Jain – CVD Diamonds Delhi (Owner), and Mr. Sunny Singh (Industrialist), who were also the Jury for the evening.

Contestants to make it up to the TOP 5 were Miss Bihar, Miss Punjab, Miss Maharashtra, Miss Telangana, and Miss Uttar Pradesh.

With their marvellous performances at the Grand Finale, Wachi Pareek, Miss Maharashtra Quintessential, took the crown as Miss India Quintessential, followed by G.M. Namratha, Miss Telangana Quintessential, crowned as the 1st Runner Up, and Shruti Tyagi , Miss Uttar Pradesh Quintessential, crowned as the 2nd Runner Up. Needless to say, all contestants were graceful and confident but top 3 winners took the contest by the storm.

Awards of Excellence
G-Town Society also honoured people from all over India who have been successfully excelling in their respective field with the Awards of Excellence.

G-Town magazine also honours people who do excellence in their respective field. The following people were awarded for their commendable work;
– Dr. Razi Ahmed, the author of the book “The Secret Of The Palamu Fort” and Critical Illness Doctor by Profession was awarded as ‘The Star Of India’.
– Mr. Nishchint Patel, the owner of Prabodham was awarded ‘The Signature Personality
– Mrs. Reena Singh, the owner of Celestial Jewellers, was awarded as The Silver Jewellery Partner for the Grand Event of Miss India Quintessential 2020
– Mr. Ankur Jain, the owner of CVD Diamonds, New Delhi, was awarded as ‘The Diamond Jewellery Partner for the Grand Event of Miss India Quintessential 2020
– Ms. Dolly Singh, Content Creator, was awarded as ‘The Finest Creator of the Year
– Ms. Insha Ghai, Instagram influencer, was awarded as ‘The Best Fashion Influencer of the Year’
– Mr. Manhoman Singh Chaggar, a versatile craftsman of Crystal Electric Co., was awarded ‘The Youth Icon Business Administration’.
– Mr. Sanjay Dalepati, was awarded ‘The Best Eco Conservationist.
– Mrs. Vikali A. Zhimomi was awarded as ‘The Woman Of Substance
– Mr. Atul Sahuwala was awarded as ‘India’s Best Business Solutions Expert 2020
– Mr. Habib Sheikh, a renowned hairstylist was awarded as The Best Hairstylist 2020
– Mr. M. Mohsin, owner of A-1 Infra was awarded as ‘The Best Warehouse & C&F
– Mr. Himanshu Dobariya, owner of What You Want, was awarded as ‘The Best Corporate Gifting Solutions
– Ms. Aditi Singh, a young and determined model, was awarded as ‘The Rising Star
– Dr. Shehla Jamal, a trusted gynaecologist, was awarded as The Best Gynaecologist 2020
– Ms. Ashok Yojna Jai Singh, a woman who took entrepreneurship and made it her own, was awarded as ‘The Best Woman Entrepreneurship
– Ms. Tanu Gupta, a well-known nutritionist, was awarded as ‘The Best Metabolism Nutritionist’
– Ms. Vandana Dhingra, Owner of La Esperanza – a travel agency who has won the trust of major brands, was awarded as The Best Travel Solution
– Mr. Dipak Suresh Harke, a dedicated meditation trainer, was awarded as ‘The Best Meditation Guru 2020
– Dr. Ajay Bohra, a major contributor to the food industry, was awarded as The Best Farmer

G-Town Society also specially awarded for their selfless work and countless efforts for the betterment of society;
– Mr. Dibya Jyoti  as the The Human Rights and Social Activist’
– Mr. Soubhagya Routray, Ms. Kamolika & Mr. Subhash Bhosale as the The Best Social Activist(s)
– Mr. Santosh Tiwari & Mr. Vikram Sindu as the The Best Social Worker(s)

G-Town Society highly appreciates their contributions and encourages all to do their bit for the betterment of society.

Some other achievers also felicitated with an award were; Mr. Rajeev, Mr. Ajay Setia, Ms. Neha Nagpaul, Mr. Ram Dayal, and Mr. Jay Prakash.

G-Town Society appreciates all achievers for their excellence through this platform of Awards Of Excellence.