Narali Purnima celebrations of Taluka Dapoli

Shravan Purnima (Narali Purnima in Marathi), is a significant festival for the Koli community of Maharashtra. ‘Narali’ is a   word derived from ‘Naral’ which means ‘coconut’ and ‘purnima’ which indicates the ‘full moon day’ and therefore coconut holds an important purpose on this day. The Koli community celebrates this festival in a grand and pompous manner.

On this auspicious day, the Koli community offers a golden coconut to the god of the sea and a prayer is made which goes as follows (translated from the local dialect) –

“O King of the Sea, wish us luck to go for the new fishing year and save us from the storm, wind and other calamities.”

Then the fishing which was stopped due to monsoon for two to three months starts again. Koli community of Fatteghar in Harnai, Dapoli, assemble in Radhakrishna temple and conduct this ritual with happiness and enthusiasm.

This year Team Taluka Dapoli covered this festival. Watch their video and visit to know about more such interesting things from Dapoli.