What Nickyanka taught us about ourselves!

Nick Jonas is in India, Priyanka is blushing, their adorable Virtual PDA, The Airport Hide and Seek, Cozy Evening Get-together’s, the approaching Big FAT Destination Wedding is crashing the internet! How Can We Keep Calm!

Amongst so much love, we also see a lot of outright uninvited views from around the world!

Because they are so picture perfect, the only thing which did not fit mainly into the cultural dogma was their “Age Difference” and if that was not enough labelling it as a “Hollywood Nuptial”

Today, where we consider the Sentinelese to be one of the most native, isolated & an unwelcoming tribe. Let’s just look at some uncanny similarities when it comes to relationships…

Sentinelese Vs ‘We’











Considering the studies about Sentinelese tribe being in danger, where do you think our tribe stands? In Danger or a Danger???

We’ll leave it to you to figure out!

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Neelam Fernando
Neelam Fernando is a full-time storyteller accredited by Kathalaya, the globally recognised academy for storytelling which is affiliated with International Institute of Storytelling, Tennessee, USA. She works with differently abled children, toddlers, kids, teenagers & corporates, uses storytelling as an effective tool for learning, communication and channelling their inner energy and creativity in a systematic way. Neelam spent over 11 years working with Fortune 500’s like Accenture & Unilever ventures, as the Head of Service Delivery before she chose to Decamp to fuel her passion for storytelling