The Legend of Pani Puri

This interesting folk tale indicating the origin of Pani Puri dates back to the Mahabharata era when a newly-wedded Draupadi arrives home to be given a task by her mother-in-law Kunti.

This was the time when the Pandavas were in exile and hence Kunti wanted to test if her new daughter-in-law would be able to manage with the scarce resources they had. So she gave Draupadi some leftover potato sabzi and little wheat dough and challenged her to make food that would satisfy the hunger & taste buds of all five of her sons. It is believed that this was when the new bride invented Pani Puri. Impressed with her daughter-in-law’s skills, Kunti blessed the dish with immortality. This story may also explain why a plate of Pani Puri often has 5 pieces.

These little tasty water bombs are loved by people of all cultures, genders & ages across India. Over the years, several regions across India have developed their own versions with names that change from region to region. Paani Ke Batashe, Puchka, Gol Gappe, Gup Chup and Phulkis are all different varieties of the delectable Pani Puri!

Today the origin of this delicious snack is still being debated, however, one thing which is clear is that our favourite Pani Puri has travelled across time, India, and is now travelling across the world too!