Running Buddies organises 2nd Edition of Winter run

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Winter run 2019 was organized by the training community ‘Running Buddies’ at Borivali national park on 30th November 2019. Over 1000 runners registered for the Winter run 2019.

Headed by Ms. Nazmin Zaffar, Running Buddies is a community who not only trains together but also motivate each other and rewards the achievers from time to time so that the fun of running grows and more and more. The idea is for people to get the benefits of professional running training for free.

Nazmin Zaffar herself is an experienced ultra-marathon runner, very well known in the running community. She is supported by Jeetu, Rahul and Sumit, whose excellent coachings have taken few at next – level in athletics. They use all their skills and experience to transform people from walkers to serious runners. The spirit which brings people together is their love for running.

After completing the run, Nazmin Zaffar says, “Fitness grows on you. Running is something that anyone can do. Jumboking is with us for two years now. This meal after marathon works well for our runners. It has good carbs. Dheeraj Gupta, MD of Jumboking is a runner himself.  He joined us three years ago. Since then, he has encouraged 12 more of his team members to run marathons”.

The venue for the winter run remained the Borivali National Park, which has always been a weekend-long run practice ground for the Running Buddies. It takes about 3-4 months to plan every single detail of the run, organizing it to perfection based only on the experience of attending such events in India and globally. The objective for this run with a limited number of participations is not to make money but being sensitive to the environment of the National Park; the intent is to encourage running.

Post the run, Dheeraj Gupta, founder and MD, Jumboking, shared “It was a fabulous run. It is important to maintain work-life balance, and this was a great opportunity to introduce the entire team to benefits of running. When you run as a group, the group dynamics encourage the ones who don’t want to run. It is comradery. I train with Running Buddies, (it’s been a year now) that focuses on core fitness. They help you get fitter simply by running activity”.

Gupta will be running his 7th Tata Mumbai Marathon later in January 2020. A Jumboking HO staffer at the run said – “This was my first marathon experience. Positive encouragement from my boss and colleagues adds me to the list of running enthusiasts. We are all foodies, and we know that to enjoy good food, you have to first practice fitness”.