Taste the revamped Sweet Potato Arancini at Invincible Boudoir and Jardin

We all love restaurants with great ambience, but what makes our visit significant is their delicious food. Keeping the love for Italian food alive, there are many flavourful dishes served at Invincible Boudoir and Jardin, but if you are looking for a quick bite Chef Alok (The Executive Chef of Invincible Boudoir and Jardin) recommends the ‘Sweet Potato Arancini’.

For every foodie who wants to try the best arancini in town is welcomed to try this delicious revamped version of sweet potato delicacy. While keeping the secret ingredients and spices aside this vegetarian savoury dish is a fried ball of a freshly made mixture of sweet potato and is stuffed with gorgonzola cheese. The plate is served with perfect proportions of sweetened curd, spicy mint chutney, and tangy sauce. To make this dish look more appealing this dish is garnished with hairline farsan. If you are visiting Hill Road Bandra this dish is a must-try at this luxurious restro-lounge.

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