The Mindfulness Movement

Film from Executive Producers Deepak Chopra & Jewel, has Worldwide Digital Release on April 10

The film was initially going to be in over 50 theatres across the US and Canada but due to concerns about the coronavirus, they accelerated their plans for a global online release. The film is available to rent or purchase at – it has subtitles in at least five languages.

Deepak Chopra

The upcoming documentary THE MINDFULNESS MOVEMENT Produced and Directed by Rob Beemer, Executive Produced by Deepak Chopra and Jewel, is a feature documentary that examines the growing number of people throughout society who believe mindfulness – a peaceful quality of attention anyone can develop by simply focusing on the present moment in a non-judgmental way – is the key to creating a healthier, happier world. The documentary also offers an interactive element, giving viewers the chance to close their eyes and practice during brief guided meditations led by well-known mindfulness teachers.

Abramorama’s Richard Abramowitz (CEO) and Karol Martesko-Fenster (COO) said, “This film’s value has increased exponentially in the past few weeks so we’ve worked with Rob Beemer to ensure that it would be broadly available when it is most needed. Mindfulness: if not now, when?

Producer and Director Rob Beemer added, ”We’re shifting gears as quickly as possible to the worldwide online release and will be providing viewers with additional content from some of our experts who will explain how mindfulness can reduce fear and anxiety during this global health crisis and provide simple mindfulness techniques to help people to cope.”

Deepak Chopra and Jewel have been speaking out about the importance of mental health during the crisis, including their recent appearances on CNN. Deepak has been reminding people that as they take care of their physical hygiene to slow the spread of the virus, “It’s also important to practice mental hygiene because stress weakens our immune systems, which is why the film can be a valuable resource.” He said, “The Mindfulness Movement is a must-see film, especially for our challenging times.”

In addition to promoting various fundraisers, Deepak has been conducting free online guided meditations, including a recent live global meditation that was so popular that the live stream crashed.

Jewel has been sharing the mindfulness techniques that helped her escape homelessness, which she offers for free at, and raising over $550,000 for mental health resources during her recent “Live From San Quarantine” concert from her bedroom. She said, “Mindfulness can help reduce the pandemic’s silent symptoms of anxiety, fear and depression.”

Chopra has also been working to raise awareness for suicide prevention and mental wellbeing through a global movement called “Never Alone” and a film “The Offering”.

He is doing this in partnership with actress and humanitarian, Gabriella Wright, director and meditation teacher Michel Pascal, and Social Entrepreneur Poonacha Machaiah.

Poonacha is an Indian origin global thought leader and has recently launched the Warrior MonkTM brand targeted at creating a positive societal shift through the compassionate transformation of humankind. It is dedicated to empower everyone to be more resilient in the body and mind through unique compelling online training programs to master resilience, and products for reducing inflammation in the body, enhancing motivation, energy, mood, memory, focus and overall cognitive processing.

These tools are all the need of the hour right now. People need aids through these tough times for the mind body and soul.

THE MINDFULNESS MOVEMENT follows the emotionally compelling stories of four main characters (Jewel, Dan Harris, Sharon Salzberg and George Mumford) who reveal their personal hardships and explain how mindfulness transformed their lives. Woven between these journeys are profiles of the leaders, history and science behind the movement, as well as looks at the many places where mindfulness is already helping to improve society, including schools (from inner-cities to Harvard Business School), Fortune 500 companies, police forces, prisons, network newsrooms, neuroscience laboratories, therapist offices, sports teams, military veterans groups and the health care industry.

THE MINDFULNESS MOVEMENT features experts in the field including Dan Harris (ABC News correspondent & GMA weekend co-host, author of “10% Happier”), Sharon Salzberg (Author and Co-founder of the Insight Meditation Society), Jon Kabat-Zinn (author and Founder of the UMASS Center for Mindfulness), Daniel Goleman (Psychologist and Author of “Emotional Intelligence”), Fleet Maull (Founder of Prison Mindfulness Institute), Diana Winston (Author and Director of Mindfulness Education at UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center), George Mumford (teacher and author of “The Mindful Athlete”), Tim Ryan (US Congressman, Ohio and Author of “A Mindful Nation”), Bill George (Senior Fellow at Harvard Business School, former Fortune 500 CEO, and author), Leigh Koechner (Speaker, Podcaster, Parenting Expert & Spiritual Teacher), Richard Davidson (Neuroscientist and Founder of the UW-Madison’s Center For Healthy Minds.

It is interesting to note that the film was funded through donations to its non-profit fiscal sponsor, The International Documentary Association. So many people who were aligned with the cause got a chance to get associated with the film.

Nina Kler Wellbeing Crusader and Writer from New Delhi, India is the key contributor for the film by virtue of her contribution. She has been on the forefront of the Mindfulness Movement in India thanks to her stint at BW Businessworld as Editorial Lead of Wellbeing.

She has in the past interviewed, engaged and learned from many of these International luminaries.

She shares that this movie couldn’t have come out at a better time for people. “While life ‘Pre-COVID’ was probably hectic enough, ‘Post-COVID’ the only way to stay sane and centered is to practice mindfulness.”