Tissot – A Favourite Amongst the Country’s Leading Fashion Icons and Artists

The brand’s versatile watch options are often sported by India’s favourite celebrities like Neha Kakkar, Diljit Dosanjh, Rana Daggubati

Neha Kakkar
Neha Kakkar

Tissot, a world leader in the Swiss traditional watch industry, is determined to stay ahead of the curve and also on the wrists of our favourite celebrities and fashion icons in the country.

Tissot watches offer a versatile range of chronographs and automatic timepieces for both men and women.

Famous fashion icons and artists like Diljit Dosanjh and Rana Daggubati are often seen sporting Tissot’s latest watches when out-and-about. The female sensation seen flaunting Tissot’s elegant timepieces is the charming pop icon, Neha Kakkar.

Neha Kakkar is the newest advocate of Tissot’s female watches. She’s seen sporting the latest bicolour Tissot T-wave watch in her latest photoshoot which is ablaze on social media. Rumour has it that she will also be serving more stunning looks in the coming year sporting Tissot watches.

She perfectly embodies the persona of a Tissot woman who can choose between high-tech, bold and strikingly original looks, or more understated, classic and elegant styles. So whether it’s a classy chronograph, an oversize model, vintage with a new twist, timeless sports or innovative tactile: depending on an individual’s personality, Tissot has a wealth of options to offer her.

Neha Kakkar expressed, “My style reflects authenticity, for me, it’s about being true to myself and being comfortable in my own skin. So whether it’s a day-long shoot, on-stage live performance, or some quality time with friends and family; I choose to wear what I love. I enhance my easy style with statement accessories, for instance, my current go-to piece is the Tissot Twave. It’s an elegant gold and silver watch, which matches everything, from western dresses to ethnic attire. I can go from cool casuals to flamboyant formals and arrive right on time.”