Uncut Papaya, by Uday More

2 minute short stories to beat the odds of life!

At times, you go through various stages in your life, such as feeling stuck in a particular situation but don’t know the way out. Negative thoughts restrict your actions. Your past mistakes are not letting you move onward. Sometimes emptiness drowns you within. There’s a solution key to all your worries or questions. This book can be the light to help you find it.

All of us have commitments in our day to day life to fulfil our wants and needs. Sometimes it’s difficult to take out time for yourself especially to read books. Hence, Uday came up with the idea for these short stories that would take just 2 minutes of reading time! They are easy to understand, no heavy language, or complicated words.

The book is priced at Rs 169/- only.

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The small peak is available on Notion Press Book Store.

About the author:

Uday MoreUdaykumar More is a marketing professional. Helping clients across the world with a creative attitude to get accurate solutions for their challenges, support to explore more growth opportunities, and surprise them with spellbinding ideas.

Currently, associated with artificial intelligence company providing solutions to the leading clients from the food industry to achieve better quality and help in reducing waste along with the energy consumption through artificial intelligence and proud to see its positive impact on a global scale.