Why You Need to Switch to Co-working Spaces

With insights from Varun Manian, MD, Radiance Realty Developers India Ltd.

For millions around the world, their home away from home is the confines of an office cubicle. Its times like these when working at home or having the liberty to take your laptop to a coffee parlour sounds like the perfect bet. One could also think of renting a long-term office space, but then again that would lead to higher costs and lesser flexibility. This is exactly when a co-working space works out the best. You can use it daily whilst having access to a good internet connection, a pantry, and the company of like-minded people. This way, you have an office like environment, boosted productivity, network expansion, business, and cheerfulness. “Today co-working culture is not limited to the thriving entrepreneurship groups in India, but large companies looking to bring cost-efficiencies without compromising on employee convenience and productivity”, says Varun Manian, MD, Radiance Realty Developers India Ltd.

Co-working spaces come with a number of benefits. Let’s look into some of these to understand why they have become the go-to places for people. Expansion of personal and professional networking: When you work in a co-working space, you come across different people. Some become friends; some go on to become professional networking contacts and some both.

Discover new clients and grow your profits: A co-working space helps expand your network thereby helping you build your clientele. When you mix with people from different sectors you can probably pick up the other person’s needs and requirements and can be of help thereby boosting your revenues.

Build a team: A co-working space is not a cubicle wherein you’re restricted rather it is a place where you are surrounded by professionals with knowledge and networking that can help you tap on talent and skills needed for your business to grow. After all, there is a higher chance of having co-workers hiring other co-workers to work with them in projects.
Be more productive: A setup like this can help you get more done in a shorter amount of time because you come across like-minded people without having the need to procrastinate. On balance, when you see people around you focused on their work, it helps build your own motivation to work. This is because they come with flexibility and you can commit based on your needs and requirements. What’s more, you set your own schedule and work as per preference and schedule.

Economical rates: Co-working spaces are economical and definitely cheaper than renting an office. Moreover, they come with a lot of additional facilities with zero utility bills thus helping you stay focused on your business.