Vitamin Stree!

Vitamin Stree is a young, video-first content platform that aims to reshape the narrative for young women in India. It is focussed on creating research-led, edutainment content, and currently has over 200,000 subscribers on YouTube.

The idea behind Vitamin Stree is to spark conversations around topics that traditional education rarely covers and young women may not be too comfortable talking about openly with their friends and family; topics that are largely left out in mainstream media as well. With this in mind, Vitamin Stree also wants to offer women a safe space to interact with like-minded people who can help foster such a community.

This platform covers a wide range of topics, such as menstrual cups, the gendered opportunity gap, female friendships, the impracticability of women’s fashion, understanding PCOS, mental health and so on, and recently partnered with Tinder to create a 3-part series, Stree Swipes, around singledom and relationships. Vitamin Stree was named an Honoree at the 2019 Webby Awards, in the Social: Culture & Lifestyle Category.

A few months ago, they released a video on ‘How do orgasms work’, discussing both sexes and thereby helping understand one’s partner’s body. Recently, they released the second video of their series ‘Do you know the ABCD of LGBT‘, where they have tried to explain the kinds of sexuality and gender identities that fall outside the heteronormative spectrum.

‘The original Vitamin Stree team

We were lucky enough to get in touch with the team behind this amazing initiative, here’s what they had to say:

Who came up with this concept? Why? 
Vitamin Stree was spun out of our sister company Supari Studios and was the outcome of an internal pitch that we undertook when we decided to venture into developing our own original content. As an organisation, we have always believed in making the world wide web a better place, one amazing story at a time and have always sought to develop purpose-driven content properties that inform, connect and inspire its audiences. We realised that Gen Y & Gen Z women in India were a highly underserved audience and hence, Vitamin Stree was born with a focus on reshaping the narrative for young women in India. The concept was originally developed by Ankita Shetty and Tara Kapur, two ex-employees of our organisation. While they’re unfortunately not working with us anymore, they continue to be integral supporters of our platform and voice.  

What role does research play in terms of the content that you produce?
In the age of information, a lot of social media feeds perpetuate the type of content one consumes, resulting in an extremely polarised audience. Our belief is that to bring about tangible, progressive change, an open mind and a common ground for dialogue are imperative. That is why research plays a critical role in the kind of content we create. If we can’t find enough material to back up our insights, we usually steer away from such topics or undertake our own research to support our arguments. We believe this approach holds more water in the long run.

What type of an audience segment are you looking for? 
We are focused on creating content for the urban Indian women. By leveraging the power of the internet, we want to reach out to the tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 cities, and engage with anyone who may have a smartphone.

What’s the big picture that you are aiming for? What impact do you intend to make?
The larger idea is to create a community of women who support one another to be the best versions of themselves. To start conversations and build enough awareness among them to trigger the change in whatever way they can, and to get them to build a supportive community that in turn, does the same. The larger idea is to reshape the narrative for young women in India by creating content that matters to them and giving them a platform to connect with like-minded people.

Why should your audience be interested in your platform?
We want to provide content to those who might not find such information as easily and can’t really speak to their friends or family about such topics due to taboos and social stigmas. We want to make research papers colloquial and translate complex data into something that can be a part of a daily conversation. And if any of these topics push them into doing their own research, then they’re that much richer in knowledge and we’d consider our job well done.

Here’s wishing the entire Vitamin Stree team a great run down the road to ‘internet success’!